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New Jersey Workplace Burn Injuries And Workers’ Compensation Claims

A burn injury can be among the most painful types of injuries, and recovering from one often includes time away from work, making workers’ comp benefits critical. Our managing partner, Kenneth Kaplan, continues a legacy that began more than 50 years ago when Law Offices of Kaplan & Kaplan, P.C. was founded by his father, Bernard.

With offices in North Haledon and Hackensack, the firm’s top priority is helping New Jersey workers and families secure workers’ compensation benefits for workplace accident injuries and illnesses. If you are suffering from a workplace burn injury, attorney Ken Kaplan can help make sure you are getting the maximum amount of workers’ compensation allowed by law.

A Workplace Burn Injury Can Be Serious

Workplace burns, sometimes severe, can happen for a number of reasons. Skin exposure to chemicals, electricity, radiation, heat, and even sunlight can result in severe injuries. A burn injury requires immediate medical care and attention and can lead to severe complications if not cared for properly. Third-degree burns can be life-threatening, and treatment can require skin grafts and reconstructive surgeries. A successful workers’ compensation claim can offer financial relief and needed benefits.

Burn Injuries In The Workplace And Eligibility For Workers’ Comp Benefits

Employers in the state of New Jersey are required, by law, to carry workers’ compensation insurance to cover workplace accidents, injuries, and work-related illnesses. Coverage under workers’ compensation can include medical care and expenses such as:

  • Ambulance transports
  • Emergency room visits and care
  • Extended hospital stays
  • Cosmetic or reconstructive surgery

Workers’ comp benefits can also cover out-of-work time, factoring in tips for employees in the food service industry or restaurant workers. It does not matter if your own actions contributed to the burn injury; workers’ compensation in New Jersey operates on a no-fault system. Even if you got hurt because of a mistake you made, you can still apply for workers’ compensation benefits.

Suffering From A Burn You Got At Work? Call Now.

Burn injuries can require significant medical attention and can easily be severe enough to miss time away from work. The sooner a workers’ comp lawyer gets involved, the faster you protect your rights to recover from a workers’ comp claim. A workers’ compensation attorney can help make sure your workers’ comp claim is filed and pursued to the fullest extent allowed by law. Call 973-988-1101 today or send an email with the online form to schedule a free, initial, no-obligation case evaluation and consultation today.