Out-Of-Work Benefits

Obtaining Temporary Disability Benefits After Your Injury

A workplace injury can create a number of serious problems. Aside from your physical injuries, one immediate problem is financially supporting yourself and your family. For most, it is impossible to do so without a regular source of income. Fortunately, temporary disability benefits are available for people who cannot work after an on the job injury or illness. A workers’ compensation attorney can make certain you receive these benefits in a timely manner. For more than 50 years, working men and women across New Jersey have relied on the experienced and trusted lawyers of the Law Offices of Kaplan & Kaplan, P.C. to protect their interests when they are out of work after an accident on the job

Protecting Your Right To Receive Full Out-Of-Work Benefits

Under New Jersey workers’ compensation law, if your employer’s authorized treating doctor determines that you are unable to work while you are receiving medical treatment, you are entitled to monetary compensation or temporary disability benefits.

Temporary disability benefits, also called out-of-work benefits, are available when you are out of work for more than seven consecutive days after an accident. These benefits will then continue until you have reached your maximum medical improvement from the treatment furnished to you. If you are still unable to return to work at this time, our law firm will help you obtain permanent total disability benefits.

Temporary disability benefits are equal to 70 percent of a workers gross weekly wages, not to exceed the maximum allowed by law for the year of the injury. In some cases, employers underestimate an employee’s wages to keep costs down and shortchange their employee. Our firm is familiar with this tactic and will make sure this does not happen to you.

Concerned About The Impact Of Light-Duty Work On Your Recovery?

During the course of your medical treatment, your doctor may decide that you are able to return to work in a “light-duty” capacity. If this occurs, it is important to make sure that this work will not cause further injury or interfere with your recovery. The Law Offices of Kaplan & Kaplan, P.C. will counsel you on the proper steps to take to protect your interests in this situation.

If your employer does not offer light duty you are entitled to receive temporary disability benefits under the law. Unfortunately, some employers will ignore the law and ask employees who have been placed on light duty to work in a full-duty capacity. This is blatantly unfair and can interfere with your recovery. At the Law Offices of Kaplan & Kaplan, P.C., our Paterson disability benefits attorneys will take immediate decisive action to prevent this from occurring.

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