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Truckers continue to face high risk of workplace accidents

Jobs in the transportation industry are not easy. There are strict schedules, demanding routes and a physical toll that the occupation takes on workers. Truck drivers are especially familiar with these challenges. And unfortunately, these are not the worst risks truckers face. According to statistics, last year, truck drivers accounted for nearly 80 percent of fatalities among motor vehicle operators killed while working.

Sadly, there is no quick fix for this serious problem, as several factors put truckers at an increased risk of occupational accidents and injuries. 

These jobs can be especially high-risk

Every job has its own upsides and downsides. For some professions, the downsides include particularly high safety risks.

What jobs are the riskiest here in the U.S.? A recent analysis by 24/7 Wall St. looked into this. The analysis reviewed federal workplace fatality data covering 72 occupations for the year 2017. From this data, a list was compiled of the jobs with the highest fatality rates.

Who qualifies for permanent disability benefits?

We have discussed the timeline for temporary disability benefits, but some injuries are so severe that they make it impossible for you to continue working for the rest of your life. Temporary benefits don’t help when you will never reach maximum medical improvement (MMI) for your condition.

What does a worker’s future look like when they can’t earn wages? For these employees, permanent disability benefits are necessary. Who qualifies for permanent disability typically depends on the type of injury, which determines whether those benefits can be partial or total disability.

Employees benefit from training to prevent workplace accidents

No worker wants to get hurt or sick while doing their job. Illness or injury can mean employees must miss work and suffer from painful conditions that require medical treatment. It can be uncomfortable, stressful and frustrating.

Therefore, minimizing the scenarios and conditions that can cause an accident or exposure to hazardous conditions will be crucial. One way employers can do this, according to an article from Occupational Health & Safety, is to properly train workers to identify and respond to emergency situations.

New Jersey suing opioid manufacturer for workers’ comp costs

The opioid epidemic is a serious national crisis affecting millions of Americans each day. New Jersey has already lost over 2,600 residents to opioid overdoses this year. The Attorney General in New Jersey is now fighting back.

The New Jersey Attorney General filed a lawsuit last week against a Johnson and Johnson subsidiary, Janssen Pharmaceuticals Inc. The lawsuit claims Janssen engaged in deceptive and misleading advertising of two of its opioid products: Nucynta and Nucynta ER.

How long do temporary disability benefits for work injuries last?

If you suffer an illness or injury on the job, you can be eligible to receive financial support if your condition means you cannot work. If your condition causes you to miss at least seven days of work but you are expected to recover from an illness or injury, you may collect temporary total disability (TTD) benefits

TTD benefits cover 70 percent of a person's average weekly wages, though there are minimum and maximum amounts that apply. In 2018, those amounts are $241 per week and $903 per week, respectively. Benefits should last until one of the following three events.

Clearing up false accounts that compromise workers' comp benefits

Workers' compensation claims can be wrongfully denied for many reasons. Addressing these wrongful denials can be essential in getting injured workers the benefits they need and deserve.

For example, an insurer might claim that a worker is not entitled to benefits under the law because he or she was intoxicated or impaired by drugs at the time of the accident. If this allegation is false, it is crucial for an employee to disprove the accusation and set the record straight. This can happen in a few ways.

3 things to prioritize after a work-related accident

A serious workplace accident can turn your life upside down. In a matter of moments, your physical health, financial well-being and job could be in jeopardy. This can certainly be stressful and overwhelming, which only makes the situation that much more upsetting.

To try and make this time a little bit easier, it can be helpful to prioritize certain tasks and focus on those right away. Doing so can help set the stage for an easier recovery and eventual return to work.

State of construction in New Jersey could put workers at risk

Construction work is a demanding job. Not only does it put great physical strain on workers, it is also mentally rigorous. It is an occupation where one small oversight or mistake could spell disaster, and safety protocols and equipment are all that stands between workers and catastrophic injuries.

And it may not be getting any easier for construction workers here in New Jersey. As discussed in this recent Construction Dive article, there are challenges facing the construction industry that could continue to put worker safety in danger.

Scaffolding accidents: a serious threat to worker safety

There are countless major construction projects well underway across New Jersey. And with winter just around the corner, companies are pushing to complete projects before the snow and frigid weather roll in. 

This race against the clock doesn't exactly make work sites safer for construction workers who already face a host of dangerous conditions on the job. For instance, scaffolding could present a serious threat to workers and others when they are improperly built, secured or disassembled.

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