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New Jersey Workers' Compensation Law Blog

Construction workers: Know your legal options after an accident

Working in construction is not easy. Not only is it physically demanding, it is also mentally taxing, considering the fact that even a small mistake or oversight can have fatal consequences.

Unfortunately, accidents can and do happen on construction sites across New Jersey. When they do, it is crucial for workers to get medical attention for their injuries. They would also be wise to examine their legal options, as there could be compensation available.

What industries are the most dangerous in which to work?

When considering a profession, you probably do not give much thought to safety. If you are like most people in New Jersey, you look for what pays well and what is available. However, being safety minded is a good thing, and knowing that you are entering a highly dangerous industry or an industry where injuries are prevalent prepares you for the work and enables you to understand the risks and know more about your rights should you get hurt.

According to the most recent data released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were approximately 2.9 million nonfatal injuries and illnesses in 2016 reported by private sector employers. Of those, 892,270 cases of injuries or illness required days away from work.

Do office workers risk developing Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

At the end of a long day, many office workers feel minor soreness in their shoulders or realize that they have strained their eyes too much. On the other hand,  some feel unbearable pain from typing or using a mouse. It is likely that these people are suffering from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

This medical condition involves the nerve that extends from your palm to your arm. Pressure on this nerve causes pain and numbness in your hand. It often causes manual tasks such as typing, writing or even holding a phone to become more difficult.  Many hard working employees are effected by this condition. Unfortunately, it can significantly cut your production at work.