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How long do temporary disability benefits for work injuries last?

If you suffer an illness or injury on the job, you can be eligible to receive financial support if your condition means you cannot work. If your condition causes you to miss at least seven days of work but you are expected to recover from an illness or injury, you may collect temporary total disability (TTD) benefits

TTD benefits cover 70 percent of a person's average weekly wages, though there are minimum and maximum amounts that apply. In 2018, those amounts are $241 per week and $903 per week, respectively. Benefits should last until one of the following three events.

Clearing up false accounts that compromise workers' comp benefits

Workers' compensation claims can be wrongfully denied for many reasons. Addressing these wrongful denials can be essential in getting injured workers the benefits they need and deserve.

For example, an insurer might claim that a worker is not entitled to benefits under the law because he or she was intoxicated or impaired by drugs at the time of the accident. If this allegation is false, it is crucial for an employee to disprove the accusation and set the record straight. This can happen in a few ways.

3 things to prioritize after a work-related accident

A serious workplace accident can turn your life upside down. In a matter of moments, your physical health, financial well-being and job could be in jeopardy. This can certainly be stressful and overwhelming, which only makes the situation that much more upsetting.

To try and make this time a little bit easier, it can be helpful to prioritize certain tasks and focus on those right away. Doing so can help set the stage for an easier recovery and eventual return to work.

State of construction in New Jersey could put workers at risk

Construction work is a demanding job. Not only does it put great physical strain on workers, it is also mentally rigorous. It is an occupation where one small oversight or mistake could spell disaster, and safety protocols and equipment are all that stands between workers and catastrophic injuries.

And it may not be getting any easier for construction workers here in New Jersey. As discussed in this recent Construction Dive article, there are challenges facing the construction industry that could continue to put worker safety in danger.

Scaffolding accidents: a serious threat to worker safety

There are countless major construction projects well underway across New Jersey. And with winter just around the corner, companies are pushing to complete projects before the snow and frigid weather roll in. 

This race against the clock doesn't exactly make work sites safer for construction workers who already face a host of dangerous conditions on the job. For instance, scaffolding could present a serious threat to workers and others when they are improperly built, secured or disassembled.

Common workplace illnesses workers should know about

When people think about a work-related condition for which a person may be collecting workers' compensation, they often think of injuries like broken bones, back pain or even brain trauma. While these are all types of conditions that can warrant workers' compensation benefits, it is not just injuries that can hurt workers.

Occupational illnesses are also unfortunately common in workplaces across New Jersey. Below, we examine common types of occupational illnesses and we discuss the options that sick workers may have to pursue benefits.

Determining if an injury is work-related when it happens offsite

When people think of work-related accidents eligible for workers' compensation benefits, they often imagine a straightforward situation, like getting hit by a falling object in a supply closet. However, not all work-related accidents are this simple.

For instance, what if a person is hurt at a hotel late at night while on a business trip? What if an employee is in a car accident driving home from a late shift, or attacked while walking into work? Would workers' compensation be available under these circumstances?

Injured workers cite multiple issues in claims against Amazon

Companies of all sizes face challenges when it comes to issues of worker safety. While it may be easier for larger companies to provide the resources for workers to stay safe on the job, accidents and injuries still occur at large businesses. 

For instance, Amazon (which has a fulfillment center here in New Jersey) has been the target of numerous allegations from injured workers recently, and their claims reflect some of the common issues workers at all kinds of companies face when it comes to seeking compensation after a work accident.

Why are workers' compensation claims denied?

Imagine you are on the job. You get hurt in an accident and wind up at the doctor and in pain. You report the accident and pursue workers' compensation benefits to cover the cost of your injury and the wages you lost by not being able to work. Unfortunately, you learn that your employer or your employer's insurance carrier denied your claim.

In this troubling scenario, it is important to determine why a claim was denied in order to assess your next steps. Below are some common reasons why these parties might deny a claim for workers' compensation benefits.

Trucker shortage could put additional strain on driver safety

Driving a commercial vehicle is a demanding occupation. Not only can drivers spend days or weeks away from the home and families, they also face on-the-job hazards that can threaten their safety.

Unfortunately, due to the current trucker shortage, it doesn't appear as though the risk to driver safety is declining, either. Below, we examine a few of the reasons why trucking is one of the most dangerous occupations in the country, as well as what drivers and their families can do in the event that a driver is injured or killed on the job.

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