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New Jersey Workers' Compensation Law Blog

Staying safe during road construction season

Summertime is a time for people to get outside, take road trips and generally try to relax. Unfortunately, these activities don't always go as planned when they are affected by road construction projects and the hazards that go along with them.

There may be dozens of road construction projects underway at any given time in New Jersey. And this means that numerous construction workers will be outside, working alongside increasing levels of traffic and exposed to near-constant threats to their safety. As such, it is crucial for workers and motorists alike to take certain precautions to avoid catastrophic accidents this summer.

Important numbers to know if you have been injured at work

After a serious work-related accident, injured parties and their families often have a lot of information to take in. They often need to think about doctor's visits, treatments, lifestyle adjustments and covering added expenses. It can prove to be overwhelming.

To help people in this difficult situation, we will look at a few critical numbers that can help when seeking workers' compensation benefits in New Jersey. Seeing this information at a glance can make it a little easier to understand what to expect with regard to these crucial benefits.

Does your job come with increased risk of asbestos exposure?

Asbestos is a harmful substance that was widely used for decades in everything from the flooring in people's home to pipes on a military vessel. And even though the risks of exposure to asbestos are widely known, it is not completely banned in the U.S. and many people still come into contact with the toxic fiber in their home or workplace.

Because of how dangerous asbestos is, it is important to know if you are at an increased risk of exposure. And if you are, you should know what legal options you have regarding compensation for damages.

Report: 30 percent of construction claim payments stem from falls

Did you know that insurance companies processed over 10,000 workers' compensation claims related to construction work in the last five years? And sadly, as noted in this article, about 30 percent of these cases stemmed from falls.

Falls are one of the most common types of accidents on construction sites. Perhaps the only thing more troubling than the high rate of falls is the fact that many of these accidents are preventable.

Construction equipment accidents can be catastrophic

Construction workers face hazardous conditions every day on the job. Most days might be safe and uneventful, but that could change in the blink of an eye if a worker is in an accident on job site.

Unfortunately, the consequences of any construction accident have the potential to be catastrophic or fatal, especially when it involves construction equipment or machines.

Report: Three Occupations at Highest risk of Workplace Homicide

Workers in all occupations face some amount of threat to their safety on the job. In many cases, these risks come from conditions like a slippery floor or dangerous machinery.  Sadly, for some workers, the biggest threat to their safety is other people. 

In fact, according to recent statistics, about 10 percent of all workplace fatalities in 2016 were the result of homicide. 

Three Things That Should Not Stop You From Seeking Workers' Comp

Work-related accidents and injuries can put workers in a difficult position. Many people are overwhelmed or intimidated by the process and are not sure what they need to do to collect benefits; people can also be misinformed about their legal options.

As such, it can be easy for workers to get confused and assume they can't or shouldn't file for workers' compensation. In this post, we will look at a few common reasons why people might decide against seeking workers' compensation and address a few of the misconceptions behind these reasons.

How long can I receive workers' compensation after an accident?

Injured workers depend on the financial benefits they collect from workers' compensation. This money replaces wages and covers medical expenses, which is crucial in helping you recover from an accident and cope with your injuries. As such, it can be upsetting to think about these benefits coming to an end.

Workers who get hurt on the job should know what to expect in terms of how long benefits last. This can help you assess your situation and options so that the ending of benefits does not cause any unnecessary anguish and pain.

Do not give up if your work place accident claim is denied

After a workplace accident in New Jersey, most employees will be able to collect workers' compensation benefits for both medical care and out of work time.  Furthermore, a monetary award is likely for injuries sustained.

What should you do if your case is denied?

Unfortunately, all too often, workers have their cases denied for unjust reasons. If you are in this situation, then it is vital not to lose hope or give up on efforts to collect benefits you are entitled to. There is an option at your disposal to hire an attorney and have him/her file a Motion to have the disputed issue(s) heard in Workers' Compensation Court. Thus, the decision making will be taken out of the hands of the  insurance company and put in the hands of an impartial judge. 

Construction workers: Know your legal options after an accident

Working in construction is not easy. Not only is it physically demanding, it is also mentally taxing, considering the fact that even a small mistake or oversight can have fatal consequences.

Unfortunately, accidents can and do happen on construction sites across New Jersey. When they do, it is crucial for workers to get medical attention for their injuries. They would also be wise to examine their legal options, as there could be compensation available.