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Avoiding construction worksite injuries

On Behalf of | Sep 18, 2023 | Construction Workers Accidents

The jobs construction workers perform are among the United States’ most dangerous. Of the more than 5,100 fatal work-related injuries reported for 2021, more than 900 occurred in extraction and construction occupations. A couple of tips may help workers in New Jersey avoid experiencing on-the-job injuries.

Construction job training and communication

One way for workers to minimize construction workplace injuries is to undergo ongoing training after they have been hired. Post-hire education sessions should ideally cover safety regulations and protocols, as well as the appropriate equipment and tools for completing tasks. This should help workers comply with the latest labor laws and avoid employing potentially hazardous improvised methods.

Construction workers may also want to report possible safety hazards or issues they encounter while performing their duties. Their employers may use this information to address high-risk areas or situations before incidents occur. This may include adjusting safety procedures or protocols to protect workers from danger.

Addressing construction workplace injuries

Sometimes workplace injuries occur in New Jersey even when construction workers take steps to avoid them. These injuries may have permanent or long-term health ramifications. This is why an individual who has suffered injuries in a work-related incident benefits from hiring a workers’ compensation attorney at the first opportunity. Workers’ compensation benefits cover medical care, temporary out of work benefits and even a monetary award to compensate for the severity of the injury. The attorney will file a case for workers’ compensation benefits and offer insights into how to maximize those benefits.