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How an attorney can help an injured worker

On Behalf of | Jan 29, 2024 | Workplace Accidents

Employees in New Jersey who are injured on the job benefit from retaining attorneys specializing in workers’ compensation claims. Workers’ compensation attorneys can help these individuals maximize the  benefits they are entitled to regarding their work-related injuries. Here is a look at what workers’ compensation insurance covers and how an attorney can help with a workers’ comp claim. 

Primer on workers’ compensation insurance 

Workers’ comp is insurance that offers multiple forms of  benefits to injured employees, including benefits covering out of work time, medical bills and even a monetary award for the severity of ones injuries. Figuring out workers’ comp can be complicated for individuals who have never navigated the process. This is why hiring a workers’ comp lawyer is a smart move for an individual injured on the job. 

Gathering documents 

An important part of the claims process is producing comprehensive documentation. An attorney can help an injured worker gather evidence and obtain health care records. The attorney can also help ensure that  paperwork is filled out properly and present the accident-related evidence in a compelling fashion. 

Filing a Motion when a case is Denied 

Often times, Workers’ Compensation cases in New Jersey are denied.  When this occurs it is often appropriate to file a motion to restore benefits. Filing a Motion will put a case in front of a Judge in an expedited fashion when a claim is denied.  Essentially, this takes the decision of compensability out of the insurance companies hands and into the Judge’s hands. Denials may occur for various reasons. These reasons may range from missing medical records or not offering enough evidence. An attorney would file and argue the Motion on behalf of the injured worker ensuring the employees’ rights and best interests are protected each step of the way.