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2 workers injured in construction site accident

On Behalf of | Dec 19, 2023 | Construction Workers Accidents

Falling objects often cause serious injuries at New Jersey construction sites. These incidents occur when equipment and tools are not secured, equipment malfunctions or safety standards are not enforced. Recent reports indicate that two construction site workers in a nearby state were injured due to falling beams.

Events leading up to the construction site accident

The recent construction accident took place on a Friday. According to authorities, prefabricated structures were being lifted at the construction site via a crane. Suddenly, one of the structures reportedly struck a mobile scaffold and caused it to fall over.

Officials said two workers suffered injuries in the accident. First responders took them to a local hospital, where their injuries were not deemed life-threatening. The construction company managing the project reported that the accident occurred because a brace temporarily holding a truss unexpectedly failed, causing the truss to tip over. Federal safety and health officials continued to investigate the incident.

How a workers’ compensation attorney may help

A construction worker injured in a workplace accident in New Jersey may benefit from consulting with a workers’ compensation attorney as soon as possible. An attorney can help the worker file a workers’ compensation claim to cover his or her medical bills, ongoing medical care and lost wages. The attorney will also ensure that his or her client meets all legal requirements to complete the filing, including visiting an approved physician and providing the appropriate documentation to support the claim — for example, medical records.