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Prevalent types of scaffolding safety hazards

On Behalf of | Aug 2, 2023 | Workplace Accidents

When job tasks require workers to operate at heights, there are many types of equipment that aid in the performance of such endeavors. Scaffolding is one example of such equipment. There are some inherent risks involved with using  scaffolding, though.  Addressing some of the most prevalent types of scaffolding safety hazards could help workers in New Jersey prepare to take every possible step to mitigate workplace accident risks. 

Scaffolding hazards 

Studies indicate that one prevalent example of scaffolding safety hazards involves the risk of fall-related incidents. Falls from scaffolding can place the health of workers at significant peril and the chances of such an outcome may be most prevalent if there are insufficient fall prevention measures in place. Being thorough when erecting scaffolding and ensuring similar types of equipment remain in proper working condition is essential.

When placing tools and equipment on top of scaffolding, ensuring that these items are properly secured and are not placed near edges is also vital. Falling objects are a leading cause of injury in many professions and failure to secure items leads to a greater risk that these objects will fall and hit workers below. Taking care to identify any potential electrical hazards is also essential, as the risk of electrocution is another prevalent example of scaffolding safety risks. 

Scaffolding accidents 

Workplace accidents involving scaffolding continue to be a common concern in many professions. The outcome of such incidents could have a devastating effect on the lives of workers and leave them facing various challenges, physical and financial alike. While the physical pain may ease with time, the financial fallout could have a lingering impact on one’s life. Workers in New Jersey who suffer injuries under such circumstances might consider speaking with an attorney for advice on the steps to take to protect their financial future by pursuing the full amount of compensation achievable through the appropriate outlets.