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Reducing the risks of falls from heights in construction

On Behalf of | May 1, 2023 | Construction Workers Accidents

Many construction projects may include tasks that require workers to operate at heights, and there are various types of gear and equipment that might prove integral to the performance of such objectives.  

Since falls from heights continue to be a leading cause of injury in this profession, finding ways to reduce the risks of such outcomes could be vital to promoting a safer job site environment. Knowing some of the most common causes of fall-related construction accidents could help individuals in New Jersey take steps to safeguard their well-being. 

A fall-related incident on a construction site can carry dire ramifications that could have a significant impact on one’s life. Studies indicate that some of the most common causes for such incidents include: 

  • Insufficient safety measures:  Insufficient fall prevention measures remain a leading cause of falls in this industry. This could include anything from faulty harnesses to a lack of guardrails and barriers. 
  • Unstable surfaces:  When performing tasks on the roof of a structure, the presence of unstable or unfinished surfaces could also create a risk that a worker might fall through a surface. 
  • Safety issues with aerial lifts:  When using aerial lifts, ensuring that the base of the machine is on stable and even ground could also be vital to limiting unexpected swaying or tilting. 
  • Faulty equipment:  Using faulty equipment such as defective ladders and scaffolding can also be a hazard, and frequent inspection of such equipment could help reduce fall hazards. 

Slip-and-fall hazards that exist in high locations could also prompt a greater risk of fall-related incidents and rectifying such issues may prove integral to reducing accident risks. 

Construction accidents involving falls from heights can be dangerous in any situation. When similar incidents occur, individuals in New Jersey who suffer serious harm in the process could choose to speak with an experienced attorney for assistance in preparing to protect their financial interests during the recovery process. In doing so, a person could obtain much-needed advice on what to expect from the workers’ compensation claims process and insight into any other sources of aid that might be available.