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Protecting against exposure to asbestos

On Behalf of | May 8, 2023 | Workplace Illnesses

There are numerous types of professions in which workers may be at risk of encountering hazardous materials. Asbestos is a type of material that may exist in many work environments and exposure to asbestos could pose a significant threat to the health of workers in New Jersey. Asbestos exposure could lead to severe workplace illnesses such as mesothelioma and taking steps to protect against exposure may prove integral to safeguarding one’s health. 

Safety measures 

While it might not always be possible to avoid encountering asbestos at work, there may be some steps workers can take to protect against such issues. For instance, a lack of proper ventilation could lead to a greater risk of exposure, and identifying similar concerns may be integral to informing building owners of such risks. Improving ventilation in areas where similar substances exist could be integral to reducing the risks of encountering areas with a high density of asbestos dust particles. If no steps are taken to achieve such goals, staying clear of these areas may prove imperative. 

Workers who face the possibility of encountering asbestos may also find it essential to ensure they use the proper protective gear. Padded clothing and respirators are two examples of equipment that may help shield workers from exposure to hazardous materials. However, even with the proper gear, it might still be advisable to avoid operating in these areas for extended periods. 

Workplace illnesses 

Exposure to asbestos could prove harmful under any situation and may increase the risks workers might develop severe or permanent workplace illnesses. Such an outcome can prove a challenging thing to accept and those who face similar hardships may experience an understandable desire for answers on their available options for compensation. When facing such a scenario, a person in New Jersey might benefit from retaining the services of an attorney for advice on his or her options and assistance in preparing to navigate the subsequent process.