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Warning signs of a concussion after a workplace accident

On Behalf of | Apr 7, 2023 | Workplace Accidents

While the outcome of a work-related incident could affect one’s life in various ways, sometimes the repercussions involved might not be immediately apparent. Some health concerns might not manifest symptoms until hours or days after the incident. Concussions are a common example of workplace injuries that can carry delayed symptoms and knowing the signs of similar health concerns may help individuals in New Jersey prepare to take steps to safeguard their futures.

Concussion symptoms

Experts indicate that one might suffer a concussion during any type of incident that involves impact to or violent shaking of the head or upper body. Similar health concerns can prompt symptoms such as intense headaches or bouts of nausea and vomiting. Issues with fatigue and constant ringing in one’s ears can also be signs of a concussion and sometimes those who suffer such injuries may also experience issues with blurry vision.

Concussions can also present with symptoms such as bouts of confusion or loss of memory, and such health concerns could also lead to disrupted sleep patterns. While the loss of consciousness may also be a common symptom, this might not always be a factor in every situation. Severe concussions could also lead to challenges with concentration or prompt increased sensitivity to light and sound. Experts state that concussions could also lead to changes in behavior and personality.

Possible challenges

While symptoms of workplace injuries such as concussions may only be temporary at times, there could always be the risk that such conditions could carry long-term or permanent health ramifications. Those who suffer similar injuries during a work-related incident and face a long road to recovery might benefit from consulting with legal counsel for advice on the options to help protect their financial futures. An attorney in New Jersey can assist a client in preparing to navigate the workers’ compensation insurance system and provide insight on any other sources of aid that might be available.