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Crane-related construction accident injures 2

On Behalf of | Mar 21, 2023 | Workplace Accidents

Cranes may play an integral role in lifting and transporting materials on the sites of many construction projects. While workers in New Jersey who operate similar machines may be required to have sufficient training in the safe use of such equipment, there might be little they can do to prevent a potential disaster should a crane malfunction or overturn. Two workers suffered injuries when a crane suddenly collapsed during a recent construction accident in another state. 

Crane accident 

According to reports, the incident occurred on a recent Wednesday at the site of a construction project at an Amazon facility. Workers were using a crane to perform job-related tasks on the roof of the building when the crane collapsed. Officials have advised that parts of the crane broke off and landed on the roof of the building in the process. 

Reports suggest that two of the workers suffered injuries in the incident, one of whom was rushed to the hospital with a severe leg injury. Officials have advised that the worker was forced to undergo a partial amputation. It remains unclear as to what might have caused the crane to collapse and officials have advised that operations at the site have been shut down while their investigation remains underway. 

Severe injuries 

A construction accident involving similar circumstances could leave those involved with severe or life-changing injuries. The outcome of such incidents could affect a person’s ability to perform job-related tasks and while some injuries may ease with time, others could have a lingering effect on one’s life. Those who encounter similar hardships after a work-related accident might benefit from consulting with an attorney for advice on all their available options for compensation and assistance in preparing to navigate the process.