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Common injuries in workplace slip-and-fall incidents

On Behalf of | Mar 6, 2023 | Workplace Accidents

While some fall-related incidents may lead to little more than minor bruises, there may always be the potential that the outcome could prove far more devastating in nature. Some slip-and-fall accident injuries could lead to severe health repercussions that could have a lasting effect on one’s life. Fall-related incidents remain a common concern in many work settings and there are numerous types of injuries individuals in New Jersey might suffer during similar workplace accidents. 

Types of injuries 

According to studies, head injuries remain a common concern for many slip-and-fall accident victims. Types of head injuries could include anything from concussions to traumatic brain injuries and similar health conditions could take a significant toll on one’s life. Similar incidents could also lead to major bone fractures that may prompt a need for emergency medical procedures. 

Fall-related incidents could also leave a person at risk of suffering severe back or spinal cord injuries. Such issues could affect a person’s mobility and ability to perform everyday tasks, or even lead to partial or complete paralysis. Slip-and-fall accidents could also lead to severe damage to nerves and tissues, which may cause a person to experience various health complications, such as loss of sensation and chronic pain and suffering. 

After a slip-and-fall accident 

Fall-related workplace accidents can take a devastating toll on a person’s health and financial well-being. Following such an incident, individuals in New Jersey who have questions about the options to help protect their future interests might consider speaking with an attorney for advice on how best to approach the situation. An attorney can help a client prepare to navigate every aspect of the workers’ compensation insurance system and provide guidance on any other sources of aid that might be available.