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Reducing the risks of workplace respiratory injuries

On Behalf of | Dec 11, 2022 | Workplace Illness

It could be difficult to predict what types of substances and materials one may be exposed to while performing job-related tasks. Some types of hazardous substances can be present in many work environments and taking steps to protect against exposure may be integral to promoting safety. There are a variety of scenarios in which workers in New Jersey may suffer respiratory injuries and similar health conditions could carry serious or even life-changing health repercussions. 

Respiratory hazards 

While most individuals may be aware of how dangerous exposure to substances such as asbestos can be, this isn’t the only substance that can create respiratory hazards. Silica particles that may exist in the dust created by stone and concrete materials can also prove hazardous in nature. Even exposure to vapors and fumes from many chemical substances can pose a threat to one’s well-being, and this may even include common cleaning materials. 

Breathing in the fumes from painting substances can also be hazardous and when working in confined spaces, it might not always be easy to avoid exposure to substances. Wearing the proper protective gear such as a respirator is essential to mitigating exposure risks. As there are numerous types of respirators, each of which may function in its own way, knowing how to choose the right equipment for the job may also prove imperative. 

Respiratory injuries 

Workplace respiratory injuries can carry severe symptoms that may have a lingering effect on one’s life. Individuals in New Jersey who suffer similar injuries while performing job-related tasks may be left with questions about their available options and how best to protect their future interests. Following the incident, a person could consider speaking with an attorney for guidance on the next steps to take to pursue the full amount of compensation available and assistance in navigating the subsequent process.