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PPE equipment and workplace safety

On Behalf of | Oct 25, 2022 | Workplace Accidents

Work-related safety hazards can come in numerous forms and fashions and the types of safety risks present in a job environment may vary with each profession. Part of promoting workplace safety may involve identifying existing hazards and taking steps to mitigate the risks thereof. Wearing Personal Protective Equipment may prove integral to reducing the risks of workplace accidents or to help mitigate the impact an accident might have on the lives of workers in New Jersey.

Types of PPE

Safety glasses or goggles and shields that cover the face are types of PPE that could help protect against a variety of work-related hazards. Such equipment may help reduce the risks of suffering eye loss and serious eye damage or help protect a worker from exposure to hazardous chemicals. Respirators and gas masks are also examples of PPE gear that may help shield a worker against harmful substances and chemicals that could expose a person to serious health concerns such as viruses and infections.

PPE equipment such as hard hats may help protect against the threat of falling objects or fall-related incidents by softening the blow and reducing the severity of similar incidents. There are also various types of safety gear that may help shield one’s body from cuts and lacerations or even protect workers from issues such as extreme temperature exposure. PPE equipment may also be integral to mitigating the risks of fall-related incidents or to protecting one’s hearing by reducing exposure to loud noises.

After an incident

While PPE may help reduce the risks of workplace accidents or even mitigate the severity thereof, it might not always be possible to prevent an incident altogether. Individuals in New Jersey who are involved in an accident while performing job-related tasks may still be at risk of suffering serious harm in the process and the fallout of the incident could prompt numerous hardships in life. Those who face extensive medical costs and the likelihood of a loss of wages during recovery could consider speaking with an attorney for advice on their available options for compensation and assistance in preparing to navigate the subsequent process.