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Reducing the risks of burn-related construction accidents

On Behalf of | Sep 30, 2022 | Construction Workers Accidents

Taking steps to improve workplace safety is a topic that remains a relevant concern in the construction industry. Construction workers in New Jersey may face a variety of potential hazards every day while on a project site, one of which might involve the risks of suffering severe burn injuries. Burns can come in numerous forms and can occur under various scenarios. Finding ways to mitigate the risks of burn-related construction accidents may prove essential to promoting a safer job site atmosphere for everyone. 

Burn safety 

According to studies, thermal burns are one of the most common types of burn injuries in construction. Similar injuries may occur when a person contacts hot materials and surfaces or when explosions take place. Taking steps to identify similar safety hazards may help shield workers against the risks of thermal burns, as similar health concerns could carry severe health ramifications. 

Electrical burns also remain a common concern in this field, and exposure to sources of electricity could send a current through various parts of one’s body. Ensuring that tools and equipment are properly insulated and taking steps to mitigate safety risks when working around active power lines and cables may prove integral to mitigating the risks of electrical burns. Implementing safety procedures for working with or near hazardous chemicals may also be vital to reducing the risks of chemical burns, as such hazards could also take a dire toll on one’s health. 

Burn injuries 

Burn injuries can be severe in nature, and workers who suffer such harm during construction accidents may be left facing a long road to recovery. While dealing with the pain and suffering of burn injuries may be stressful enough as is, a similar experience may also leave a person in search of guidance on how best to handle the financial challenges involved. Following the accident, a person in New Jersey might choose to retain the services of an attorney for guidance in seeking aid via the workers’ compensation insurance system, as well as any other source of compensation that might be applicable.