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Safeguarding against fall-related incidents at work

On Behalf of | Jul 31, 2022 | Workplace Accidents

While the types of safety hazards that exist in a workplace may vary in each field of profession, some types of hazards might be present in virtually any work environment. Fall-related accidents continue to be a concern for many workers in New Jersey and the outcome of such incidents could leave a person facing various hardships in life. Knowing some of the most common causes of such workplace accidents could play a vital role in taking steps to promote a safer job site environment. 

Safety concerns 

One of the most common types of fall-related incidents could involve scenarios in which a person slips on safety hazards such as wet or uneven surfaces. Creating strategies to identify and address such risks and warn others of their presence could prove integral to reducing the chances of a dangerous fall. Using slip-resistant materials and wearing shoes with adequate tread may also be ways to help protect against similar safety concerns. 

Lose cables and cords and objects that obstruct job site pathways are all examples of issues that might increase the risk a worker might trip over an object and fall. Keeping pathways clear of clutter and debris and repairing broken or damaged surfaces may be essential ways to keep disaster at bay. Taking steps to repair or replace damaged ladders and stairways and address areas without rails and other fall protection equipment could also be essential to reducing the risks of falls within the workplace. 

When an accident occurs 

Fall-related risks continue to play a role in many workplace accidents and the fallout thereof could wreak havoc on a person’s life. Those who suffer severe injuries during an incident may also face the challenges of missing out on wages during recovery and when mixed with extensive medical bills, the financial toll could prove burdensome in nature. Following the accident, a person in New Jersey could find it helpful to speak with an experienced attorney for guidance on all his or her available options and assistance in seeking the compensation achievable through the appropriate paths.