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Construction accident involving trench collapse proves fatal

On Behalf of | Jul 25, 2022 | Construction Workers Accidents

While many job-related tasks on a construction site may require workers to operate at heights, others might prompt a need to work below ground level within a trench. Even if operations in trenches may be essential to project goals, individuals in New Jersey who work in them may also face a certain level of risk. Reports indicate that a recent construction accident that occurred when a trench collapsed has claimed the life of a man in a neighboring state.

Accident reports

According to reports, authorities received information about an incident on a local construction site on a recent Friday. They say that a worker was performing job-related duties in a trench when the trench collapsed. Emergency responders say that they were eventually able to rescue him from underneath the dirt and rush him to a nearby medical facility.

Unfortunately, reports indicate that the man succumbed to his injuries and passed on while at the hospital. Officials have advised that an investigation into the incident has been initiated. However, no further information was provided as to what might have caused the trench to collapse and trap the man inside.

Fatal construction accident

It could be difficult to imagine the trials a fatal construction accident may bring. Along with the grief involved, families who suffer such loss may also encounter dire financial challenges that might stem from end-of-life expenses and loss of income, and they might be uncertain where to turn for advice on their available options for aid. Fortunately, there are attorneys in New Jersey who can evaluate the situation, provide guidance on all available outlets for compensation and assist a client in preparing to navigate every step of the subsequent process.