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Construction accident involving falling object proves fatal

On Behalf of | May 3, 2022 | Construction Workers Accidents

Construction workers in New Jersey and elsewhere may perform various types of tasks while operating at the site of a new project. While putting heavy-duty materials in place, workers might make use of safety equipment to help steady the object and reduce the risks of it from falling and hitting a worker. Reports indicate that a 42-year-old man has died after he was struck by a falling wall during a recent construction accident in another state.

Fatal incident

The incident reportedly took place as workers were operating at the site of a home construction project. Reports indicate that several workers were preparing to put up a wall when the object suddenly fell over and hit the man. Upon arriving at the scene, emergency responders say that they rushed the man to the hospital after finding him unresponsive and without a pulse.

Authorities indicate that the worker ultimately succumbed to his injuries and passed away at the facility. They also advised that the incident remains under investigation and indicate that a sudden gust of wind appears to have been a contributing factor. It is unclear as to whether safety precautions were in place to help address similar risks. Falling objects continue to play a contributing factor in many construction accidents and incidents of a similar nature can carry dire, or even fatal repercussions.

Surviving loved ones

Surviving family members who lose a loved one in a fatal construction accident may encounter various challenges in life, emotional and financial alike. While the grief of such a loss may ease with time, the monetary challenges of end-of-life expenses and loss of income could take a devastating toll on one’s life. After suffering a loss under similar circumstances, a person in New Jersey might consider speaking with an attorney for guidance on all his or her available options for compensation and assistance in navigating the subsequent process.