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Traumatic brain injuries in the workplace

On Behalf of | Apr 16, 2021 | Workplace Accidents

Brain injuries are capable of irreversibly altering the course of a person’s future. All workplaces in New Jersey should be working toward protecting workers and preventing traumatic brain injuries, but many men and women still suffer TBIs each and every year. Here are two ways in which TBIs are likely to occur in the workplace.

Falling or moving objects

When a falling or moving object strikes someone on the head, the force can inflict significant trauma to the brain. Although any type of blow to the head is dangerous, the outcome can be much more severe when an object is traveling at significant speeds or falling from an elevated height. These types of accidents can happen anywhere but are particularly common in the construction industry. The Occupational Health and Safety Administration — OSHA — reports that in 2016, struck-by accidents accounted for nearly 10% of all construction fatalities.

Car accidents

Some jobs require workers to spend extended periods of time on the road. This can be particularly dangerous as car accidents are the second most common cause of hospitalizations for TBIs. New Jersey employers should be sure to inspect vehicles on a regular basis and monitor for possible adverse events, such as poor weather. Employers should also provide safe driving tips to workers, such as:

  • Always wearing seatbelts
  • Adhering to posted speed limits
  • Minimizing distractions

Suffering a serious workplace injury is a life-changing experience. Victims with traumatic brain injuries may struggle to return to their former positions or to reenter the workforce at all. This can be an extremely distressing period of time, which is why many victims find their workers’ compensation benefits to be an invaluable asset.