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Getting help for lifelong workplace injuries

On Behalf of | Nov 10, 2020 | Workplace Accidents

Getting back to work as soon as possible is often a priority for victims of serious workplace accidents in New Jersey. Unfortunately, it is not always a reality. Some workplace injuries are so catastrophic that victims simply cannot ever return back to the workforce. If this is your situation, you may want to learn more about permanent total disability benefits — PTD.

If you qualify, you could receive PTD benefits every single week for 450 weeks. These weekly benefits are equal to 70% of your average weekly pay before you got hurt. Benefits do not necessarily just cut off following this time period, though. If by the end of the original 450 weeks you are still unable to return to work because of total disability, then you will continue receiving your weekly benefits.

Getting these benefits is not always easy in New Jersey. First you will have to take a number of steps to try and improve your condition, including treatment and rehabilitation. Once you hit your maximum medical improvement — when you reached a point where getting any better is not likely — your doctor will decide if your injury or condition is going to be permanent. You will still need to work your way through the compensation system at this point.

You do not have time to waste — you need help now. Permanent total disability benefits could be your lifeline to a better future. When you are ready to pursue benefits for your workplace injuries, be sure to work closely with someone who is willing to uphold your rights throughout the process. You can learn more about doing so right here on our website.