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Are office workers experiencing a workplace injuries crisis?

On Behalf of | Sep 29, 2020 | Workplace Accidents

Working from home can be a dream come true for many people in New Jersey. No commuting, easy access to snacks and sometimes even working on one’s own schedule all make working at home very appealing. Unfortunately, most homes are simply not built to support working professionals, and as more and more people log on from home they are developing new workplace injuries.

Over the years, a lot of offices implemented smart ergonomic designs to protect their workers. Many office workers have had access to things like external keyboards, supportive desk chairs and monitors situated at eye level. As these office workers have transitioned to working from home they are often doing so with laptops, which pose a range of potential physical health problems. Lack of access to desks is another problem, with many people working on couches, beds or at kitchen counters.

In April 2020, the American Chiropractic Association conducted a study and found that 92% of chiropractor respondents had been treating more patients than usual for back pain, neck pain and other general musculoskeletal issues. Many of these issues are caused by repetitive trauma. This means that all this time spent staring down — instead of at — a computer laptop screen that is seriously harming people.

In New Jersey, workplace injuries are often associated with serious accidents, but they are often the result of repetitive trauma. Office workers who are currently secluded in their homes are no exception to this. Getting help and treatment for these types of injuries early on is often key to healing, so victims may not want to put off filing for workers’ compensation benefits.