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Solid framework is crucial for support after a loved one passes

On Behalf of | Apr 30, 2020 | Workplace Accidents

Losing a loved one is a life-changing event. The constant support is no longer there, but day-to-day requirements remain. Getting help covering mundane matters after such a loss may be far down the list, but you could get help in maintaining some of the structure you lost.

Injury rates are their highest with young workers, but older employees are the most common victims of a fatal incident. While the cause can vary, falls and fractures were the most common assailants. If you’ve lost a pillar in your life, then you could return some support in the form of workers’ compensation.

Help dependency

A judge will determine everyone’s share of up to 70% of the deceased’s weekly wage. There are requirements for getting access to a claim, and then the court will determine your slice by your level of dependence before their passing:

  • Household family: The state may assume that the immediate family living under the same roof will get a share of the benefits. A spouse and underage children are often presumed to be dependents who can qualify.
  • Immediate family: Older children outside the household don’t always make the cut, and you’ll have to show proof that you continually relied on the deceased. The state could also waive age limits for children with physical or mental disabilities.
  • Extended family: A judge won’t exclude parents, grandparents and siblings, but there’s some work to do. Like immediate family outside the household, you’ll need to show that you were truly dependent on the loved one lost.

Continuing after losing someone close can be daunting, but there could be help from a successful workplace claim. Make sure you know if you qualify for benefits, and you could be on your way to recovering crucial support.