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What are the benefits of hiring a workers’ comp attorney?

On Behalf of | Nov 25, 2019 | Workplace Accidents

At first glance, the workers’ compensation process may seem pretty straightforward. As an employee, if you get injured while at work, you know you’re entitled to compensation for your medical bills and time off work. You file a claim, and the rest should be pretty automatic, right?

Unfortunately, getting the workers’ compensation you deserve isn’t always this simple. Hiring a workers’ compensation attorney to help with your case can be a valuable decision. Here are some key advantages an attorney can offer you:

  • Representing your best interests: In a workers’ compensation claim, there are many parties involved: your employer, the insurance company, the medical team chosen by your employer. None of these parties represent your best interest, so you may not get the settlement you deserve – or even the most accurate diagnosis of your injuries. Having an attorney on your side can make an immense difference.
  • Peace of mind: Going up against large companies on your own can be daunting and overwhelming. A workers’ comp attorney can handle all the big hurdles for you – from dealing with the medical and insurance systems to handling the court filings. This allows you to focus your energy on healing rather than stress.
  • No risk: You may assume you can’t afford to hire an attorney to help with your case. But it’s important to understand that workers’ comp – and all personal injury – attorneys work on a contingency fee basis. This means that you only have to pay your lawyer if they win your case. Their payment is collected as a percentage of your settlement – and there is a legal cap on this percentage.
  • Help with complicating factors: There are many things that could jeopardize your ability to collect workers’ compensation. The insurance company might deny your claim – in which case an attorney can help you navigate the appeals process. You may have a pre-existing condition that the insurance company uses against you. The employer-sponsored medical team may try to give you a lower disability rating than your injury warrants. Your lawyer can oversee the entire process for you, so you don’t have to worry about whether your settlement is fair.

Being involved in a serious workplace injury can be an enormous disruption in your life. It may take you out of work and create sudden financial stress. During this time, a workers’ comp lawyer can stand up for your rights for you – while you concentrate on your recovery.