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Have any of the 10 most common injuries occurred where you work?

On Behalf of | Jun 24, 2019 | Workplace Accidents

A work accident can happen anywhere. However, some types of injuries occur much more frequently than others. Many of these common injuries can be prevented through safety measures, training, and attention to workers’ well-being.

The top 10 causes of serious workplace injury, according to the 2019 Liberty Mutual Index, include:

Overexertion involving outside sources

These injuries usually occur when someone must lift, carry, push, or pull objects at work.

Falls on the same level

When a worker falls on the same plane on which they are standing, this is generally referred to as a “fall on the same level.”

Struck by object or equipment

Struck-by accidents are a leading cause of injury and death in construction, according to the Occupational Health and Safety Administration. Many of these accidents involve vehicles, with construction workers accounting for 25% of such accidents.

Falls to a lower level

A fall to a lower level might involve scaffolding, ladders, or other platforms.

Other exertions or bodily reactions

This category encompasses several workplace ailments, such as

Roadway incidents involving a motorized vehicle

A common risk for workers in construction, roadway accidents are often fatal. In 2017, work zone crashes claimed the lives of close to 800 people nationwide.

Slip or trip without falling

Even if a worker does not fall, a slip can still lead to pulled muscles and other injuries. Manufacturing plants and healthcare facilities see many of these injuries due to cleaning agents that lead to slippery floors.

Caught-between or compressed by equipment

“Caught-between” also encompasses many different types of accidents, including those where a worker is crushed by equipment or caught in a cave-in.

Repetitive motion

Jobs that require workers to perform the same movement repeatedly can lead to repetitive stress injuries, like carpal tunnel.