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The top 3 causes of injury in crane accidents

On Behalf of | May 22, 2019 | Construction Workers Accidents

Construction workers face a myriad of risks on the job, every single day. Between physical and mental exhaustion and heavy equipment, it is easy to see how accidents happen. Risk of injury is especially high when a project involves cranes. Today, we cover the top three causes of injury in crane accidents.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, most crane accidents involve either mobile cranes or overhead cranes. The leading causes of injury relating to cranes include:

Contact with power lines

OSHA estimates nearly 45% of injuries and fatalities in crane accidents occur when either the crane or boom comes in contact with energized power lines. Electricity can travel down a crane’s hoist line and injure workers on the ground.

Boom failure

If not loaded according to exact weight and radius requirements, a boom can unexpectedly swing, putting workers at risk of being struck by either the crane or the load. Cranes can also collapse if improperly loaded or operated.

Falling objects

When loads are not appropriately secured, large objects can drop off the crane and cause serious injury. To prevent this type of accident, OSHA suggests:

  • Avoiding the movement of loads over workers
  • Ensuring the load does not exceed the crane’s rated capacity
  • Checking all rigging prior to use
  • Raising the load a few inches to check balance and brake systems

Inspections before use of a crane can go a long way in preventing severe injuries. The use of barricades can also protect workers from getting too close to the crane’s swing radius.

Construction workers injured on the job have options available for recovery. Consulting with an experienced New Jersey workplace accident attorney can help you understand your options and get back on your feet.