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State of construction in New Jersey could put workers at risk

On Behalf of | Sep 25, 2018 | Construction Workers Accidents

Construction work is a demanding job. Not only does it put great physical strain on workers, but it is also mentally rigorous. One small oversight or mistake can spell disaster.  Safety protocols and equipment are all that stands between workers and catastrophic injuries.

Unfortunately, it may not be getting any easier for construction workers here in New Jersey. As discussed in this recent Construction Dive article, there are challenges facing the construction industry that continue to put worker safety in danger.

Aging infrastructure

Transportation and utility infrastructure are aging and in need of repair. While this problem can open up job opportunities, it also means unsafe conditions on job sites. Explosions, collapses and other events could put workers in serious danger. Furthermore, the potential size of these projects could lead to miscommunications and delays that strain available resources, including those in place to protect workers.

More projects

The article discusses the numerous opportunities for construction projects across New Jersey, from Atlantic City to Secaucus. Retail, industrial, commercial and transportation industries have room for growth, thus creating more projects and  jobs.

Risk of worker shortage

There are currently a half million construction jobs open in the country, and that number could continue to grow if Congress passes a federal infrastructure bill. Furthermore, about 40 percent of the current workforce is approaching retirement age. Thus, within only five years, there could be a massive departure of workers which would further exacerbate the worker shortage issue.

Because these issues are just around the corner, it is crucial to plan ahead in order to protect worker safety on job sites. The responsible operation of construction projects will make it easier to avoid mistakes and dangerous conditions.