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Common workplace illnesses workers should know about

On Behalf of | Aug 30, 2018 | Workplace Illness

When people think of workers’ compensation cases they usually think of traumatic accidents that result in injuries such as broken bones, back pain, or even brain trauma. While these all warrant workers’ compensation benefits, they are not the only type of claim. 

Occupational illnesses are another type of claim that warrants workers’ compensation benefits. Below, we examine common types of occupational illnesses, and we discuss the options that sick workers have to pursue benefits.

Weather-related illnesses

People who work outside are at a particularly high risk of weather-related illnesses like heatstroke, heat exhaustion, and even frostbite. There could also be illnesses caused by working at high altitudes or extreme depths among other conditions.


Farmers, construction workers, firefighters, demolitions workers and pest control workers are among those who could be in danger of suffering illnesses stemming from poisoning. Some of the common substances that lead to poisoning on the job include lead, mercury, carbon monoxide and insecticide.

Hearing loss

People who work in very loud environments without proper hearing protection can suffer hearing loss. As such, people who work in manufacturing, industrial environments, transportation and even music-related occupations are especially at risk.

Skin conditions

Skin disorders can stem from exposure to harmful substances and chemicals, as well as materials to which a person is allergic. These illnesses include burns, blisters, ulcers, rashes and inflammation.

Breathing and respiratory illnesses

Exposure to harmful substances can also lead to breathing and respiratory illnesses. Workers can experience problems like asthma, lung damage and pharyngitis that may not go away once a worker leaves the dangerous environment.

The illnesses that people suffer from as a result of an exposure in their workplace can be damaging and possibly life-threatening. As such, it is crucial for workers to get medical attention right away and explore their options for obtaining benefits under  workers’ compensation law. These benefits can ensure a person receives the treatment he or she needs to recover and can help compensate them for their injuries.