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Report: 30 percent of construction claim payments stem from falls

On Behalf of | May 9, 2018 | Construction Workers Accidents

Did you know that insurance companies processed over 10,000 workers’ compensation claims related to construction work in the last five years? And sadly, as noted in the attached article, about 30 percent of these cases stemmed from falls.

Falls are one of the most common types of accidents on construction sites. Perhaps the only thing more troubling than the high rate of falls is the fact that many of these accidents are preventable.

Why falls are so serious

Falling from an elevated surface can have life altering consequences, including, but not limited to broken bones, spinal cord injuries, and traumatic brain damage. These injuries could be life-threatening, and those who survive may never fully recover.

The damages are not just physical, either. Financially, these serious injuries can lead to long periods away from work and massive medical bills. Emotional damages can be extensive as well, and fall victims may experience depression, emotional distress and changes in mood or personality.

How can workers and employers prevent falls?

Considering the amount of damage that can be done in a fall on a construction site, prevention should be a top priority.

Construction companies should provide necessary training and safety equipment; workers should perform safety checks of their equipment and use caution whenever they are working off the ground. Any unsafe equipment or condition should be reported and addressed right away.

Knowing your legal options in the aftermath of a fall at work

If you or a loved one falls on a construction site and suffers serious injuries, then you should understand the legal options to pursue financial relief. This includes seeking workers’ compensation benefits as well as any third-party claim that may be appropriate.

Accidents from a fall can have life-changing consequences. However, you do not have to deal with them alone. You should discuss your options for seeking compensation with an attorney to help you and your family recover from this difficult experience.