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Construction equipment accidents can be catastrophic.

On Behalf of | Apr 25, 2018 | Construction Workers Accidents

Construction workers face hazardous conditions every day on the job. Even though most days may seem safe and uneventful, that could change in the blink of an eye.

Unfortunately, the consequences of a construction accident have the potential to be catastrophic or fatal, especially when it involves equipment or machines.

Falls from ladders and/or scaffolding

There are risks associated with climbing and working on ladders and scaffolding. Workers can minimize the threat of falls by using proper safety equipment and ensuring temporary structures are sound. However, falling accidents still occur. When they do, they can cause serious injuries, including but not limited to broken bones and traumatic brain injuries.

Construction Machinery and Vehicle Related Injuries

Certain construction machines are actually intended and designed to cause destruction.  Machines of this weight, size and caliber can cause significant damage in the span of a few seconds. Unfortunately, workers sometimes suffer the brunt of the machines’ force.  In addition, product defects, operator failures, and other issues contribute to severe injuries.  Accidents include burns, permanent scarring, and even loss of limbs.

Determining liability after an accident with construction equipment

When these accidents occur on a construction site in New Jersey, workers are eligible to collect workers’ compensation. However, there may be additional claims to consider filing, including a negligence or a product liability claim if a third party is responsible for the accident.

Understanding what types of valid claims you might have can allow you to make informed decisions that maximize the compensation you stand to receive after a construction accident. Discussing your case with an attorney experienced in construction site accident claims can be a good place to start.