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How long can I receive workers’ compensation after an accident?

On Behalf of | Mar 14, 2018 | Workplace Accidents

Injured workers depend on the financial benefits they collect from workers’ compensation. This money replaces wages and covers medical expenses, which is crucial in helping you recover from an accident and cope with your injuries. As such, it can be upsetting to think about these benefits coming to an end.

Workers who get hurt on the job should know what to expect in terms of how long benefits last. This can help you assess your situation and options so that the ending of benefits does not cause any unnecessary anguish and pain.

Duration of benefits

Generally speaking, out of work benefits and medical treatment benefits should last until you return to work and then recover from your injuries.  Next, you are eligible for permanent disability compensation, which is awarded at the conclusion of the case.

Temporary disability is one type of workers’ compensation benefit that can be limited in duration.  The maximum amount of time you can collect payments while out of work is 400 weeks. On the otherhand, permanent disabilty awards are calculated differently.  The greater the permanent disability award, the more weeks of payments you will receive. If you are found to be totally and permanently disabled, you will receive payments for 450 weeks. If you are still unable to work at this time, those payments will continue.

Events that may trigger termination

Many people will not collect benefits for the entire duration they are available. Termination of benefits can happen when you are well enough to return to work or if you fail to comply with the ongoing requirements of workers’ compensation. If you choose not to comply with a treatment plan, then you could risk losing benefits as well.

How legal guidance can help

Injured workers typically understand that an attorney can help them apply for and receive workers’ compensation benefits after sustaining a work-related injury. However, an attorney can also help in situations where you feel your benefits are ending prematurely or if you want to ask the court for an extension. For guidance on your specific situation, it is wise to consult an attorney familiar with the workers’ compensation system and laws in New Jersey.